[NTG-context] Twenty One versus Twenty-one

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 11 08:44:23 CET 2021

On 2/11/2021 2:20 AM, jbf wrote:
> Am currently dealing with a book that has twenty-one chapters, and the 
> author (who is visually impaired) follows a range of visually impaired 
> principles when writing and wanting things published. That's the 
> background to my question!
> \setuphead[chapter][
>      header=empty,
>      alternative=middle,
>      style={\ssd},
>      number=yes,
>      conversion=Word,
>      command=\MyChapterCommand,
>      after={\blank[1cm]},
>      ]
> Problem is, when we get to chapter Twenty-one (which is the correct way 
> to write it in English) it gives me 'Twenty One'. Is there a way, in my 
> setup, that I can force it to give me 'Twenty-one'? (note the hyphen and 
> the lower case for 'one').
> I don't think MyChapterCommand is relevant here, but just in case, this 
> is it:
> \define[2]\MyChapterCommand%
> {\framed[frame=on,bottomframe=on,leftframe=off,rightframe=off,topframe=off,align=middle] 
>       {\vbox{\headtext{chapter} #1\blank#2}}}
I'll add this:


so you can define your own connectors. This is not interfaced via 
setuphead or setuplangauge or because the converter is not configured 
that way (maybe some day but I need to discuss it with Wolfgang because 
then we want to solve that for all commands and make the right choice 
for keys and so).

Up to you to wikify it.


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