[NTG-context] composing commands

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 7 20:40:34 CET 2021

Hi Thomas,

> On 2/5/21 5:38 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> etc ... the ones that make 'composed characters'. I think that anyone 
>> who needs them uses utf . They can be in (say) m-oldschool.mkxl or so.
>> Objections? Hurt feelings? Sentiments?
> No hurt feelings, but I know that in my bib files, there are a couple of 
> old entries that still have these weird composed characters. So I'm fine 
> with upgrading, but it would be nice if this could fail gracefully, with 
> a nice and informative error message...

Okay, here is a secret. When your bib fils is read, those magic accent 
placement commands are not used at all:


     title  = {\"Articl\`e \O n\k{e}},
     author = {Th\^omas},
     year   = {2001},





They have magically disappeared. Thanks to the fact hat Alan and I spent 
quite a bit of time on brewing the magic potion when we redid the bib 
stuff. So, although we will keep the shortcuts you'd probably never 
noticed them being gone.

Now the question is: what can we expect in old bib files that we {\em 
don't} handle.


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