[NTG-context] font fallback hook (alphabet suspects)

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 29 21:58:56 CET 2021

On 1/29/2021 8:29 PM, Jano Kula wrote:

> There are some Greek, Hebrew, etc. words used in the text. While 
> proofreading, the editor would like to check these words separately 
> (glyphs from different alphabets, unusual symbols, ...), so I'd like to 
> typeset the warning (margin note), where these words are located. To 
> avoid usual markup \greek{ὀρφανῖος} it could be useful to typeset a 
> margin note whenever the defined fallback is called.
> The unfamiliar symbols could be in the main font and no fallback would 
> be called then (one can still define the fallback with the main font as 
> in the MWE, bold used for the illustration), but you might have a better 
> ideas how to point out these suspects.
> The margin note is ment for searching PDF where one cannot search for 
> color (basic viewer), which could be the other approach (also visible in 
> print). I think, the color could be achieved with finalizers. One should 
> also think of hyphenation and l2r/r2l direction, so in the end the usual 
> approach might be the best way.
> You might use other approaches, how to deal with suspects of this type. 
> Below the MWE for font fallbacks with distribution fonts.
> Not critical, just looking for ideas.
Already there for ages ... testsuite goodies-002.tex + demo.lfg shows 
how to color your special characters ... one of the probably many 
unknown features -)

There's also this:


     Jano uses \char 12345.

and of course you then watch the log ... (at the meeting Ton showed 
other proofing tricks).


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