[NTG-context] \doassign variable - updates not picked up

Werner Hennrich wehe at gmx.at
Sat Jan 23 20:03:58 CET 2021

Am 22.01.21 um 23:46 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
> I guess you set the value in a local group and at the end of the group
> your setting is forgotten, ...

you're right Wolfgang!

I removed a \begingroup-\endgroup pair in the macro that sets the value
by calling my \setHeaderVar and now I get the updates being visible
inside the header code.

> a simple change you can make is to replace
> \doassign with \getgparameters which makes global settings.

I couldn't find any docu on \getgparameters except for its parameter
list (in setup-en.pdf) but what I have now will totally suffice.

> A alternative to your current approach is to use the variables mechanism
> to set and access values (you still have to ensure all values you set
> are global).

I didn't even try the \setvariables approach now,
even though I had checked that one out before I wrote to this list
(w/out checking the begin/endgroup thing though).

Thank you very much and best regards,

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