[NTG-context] lmtx-20210118 | Corruption with rotated floats

Richard Mahoney rmahoney at indica-et-buddhica.org
Sat Jan 23 08:59:19 CET 2021

List members,

I've found that recent versions of LMTX seem to have broken table and
figure floats using rotation. Lmtx-20210118 with for example:


results in the trashing of all subsequent body text in the PDF.

This can be corrected with something such as:

\placetable[here] ...


(although one looses the ability to rotate the title of the table).

The last really stable version of LMTX, which I'm finding that I'm 
constantly returning to as my default, is lmtx-20200920.

This error has been occurring for some time now, and unfortunately,
while I would like to keep up the recent releases of LMTX, it is
essential that I should be able to rotate tables and images. Does
anyone know of a fix.

Best, Richard

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