[NTG-context] running head for TOC

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 05:55:22 CET 2021

I have a very long Table of Contents (runs across five pages) and the 
author would like the running head on recto pages for this to be 'Table 
of Contents'.

I am using the following to create the TOC head:


\starttochead[title={Table of Contents}]

And I use the following to set up the headertexts for the book as a whole:

   [{\hfill\getmarking[chapter]\hfill}][] %recto pages
   [{\hfill\documentvariable{metadata:title}\hfill}][] %verso pages

The problem is that I am unable to get 'Table of Contents' as a running 
head for the two recto pages where I need it. I realise I need to get 
'tochead' recognised somehow for this.  If I set up a separate 
\setupheadertexts [{\hfill\getmarking[tochead]\hfill}][] then I end up 
with 'Table of Contents as the running head on all recto pages, which I 
don't want.

Can anyone suggest how can I get 'Table of Contents' as the running head 
just for the two recto pages of a five page TOC?


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