[NTG-context] what’s up with \setupdelimitedtext[method=font]?

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Thu Jan 14 10:44:04 CET 2021

Hi again,
the following example used to work with LMTX (but not MkIV) from September.

Now I get the "narrower" indentation only if I comment the first line (in both versions) – apparently there’s a setup conflict, and I don’t know any more why I needed this setup.

Could you explain what it does (did, should do)?


\setupdelimitedtext[quotation][method=font] % hanging quotation marks

  % fake hanging quotation mark




quotation \fakewords{100}{100}
\stopquotation\footnote{about quotation}

Zitat \fakewords{100}{100}
\stopZitat\footnote{about Zitat}


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