[NTG-context] lmtx upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 11 17:44:39 CET 2021


I uploaded a new lmtx. Nothing spectacular as I'm still playign with 
compact font support (as explained in previous mails). Most seem to work 

New magic:

     \vl\glyph                      `M\vl\quad
     \vl\glyph raise 3pt            `M\vl\quad
     \vl\glyph left  3pt            `M\vl\quad
     \vl\glyph            right  2pt`M\vl\quad
     \vl\glyph raise -4pt right  4pt`M\vl\quad
     \vl\glyph left -1pt  right -1pt`M\vl

This is part of some experiments with manipulating glyph dimensions 
instead of font kerns. These extensions will stay (who knows when it 
comes un handy) but we will probably stick to font kerns as default.

     \strut average\par
     {\red \strut average}\par

Both methods have their pros and cons.


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