[NTG-context] A not so short introduction to ConTeXt Mark IV

Robert Zydenbos context at zydenbos.net
Fri Jan 8 14:01:25 CET 2021

Thank you, Joaquin, for this wonderfully systematic bit of work. I wish I had had this three or four years ago.

There has been a bit of a discussion here about whether ConTeXt manuals should start from the assumption that the reader already is familiar with LaTeX or not. If I may cast a vote here: I recommend that authors *SHOULD NOT* assume such familiarity, because

(1) Knowledge of LaTeX is not just irrelevant, but can actually confuse.

(2) ConTeXt is a complete system in itself that is built up in a more consistent way than LaTeX. It does not depend on LaTeX in any way, and authors should not risk creating the impression that it does.

Of course there’s nothing wrong if someone were to write parallel materials for LaTeX users (‘ConTeXt for LaTeX Users’, or something of the sort). But basically LaTeX ought to be ignored completely. I, for one, do not want to have anything to do with LaTeX any more, now that ConTeXt is there.

Now that this new manual exists, I can more confidently recommend ConTeXt to colleagues.

Thanks once again!


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