[NTG-context] styling part of an index entry

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 23:29:28 CET 2021

I'm wondering if further progress has been made in Mk IV on styling 
parts of an index (register) entry? I have followed the explanation on 
the wiki, but do not seem to be able to achieve what I need.

And what I need is to be able to italicise entries that refer to 
newspaper names, e.g. The Observer




In \myindex{style->Observer, The} {\em The Observer} of 31 July 2018


The only result I am getting is:

->Observer, The   223

But what I want is /Observer, The/ (in other words, in italics).

Clearly I am doing something wrong, or not enough, or... maybe there is 
another way to achieve waht I need?


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