[NTG-context] odd behaviour of mp odd function in lmtx

Damien Thiriet damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Thu Jan 7 20:03:29 CET 2021


I may have found the bug that broke my metafun 
file. Looks like it is connected to odd function. 

This snippet of code:


path p;p:=origin--(20,20);
draw p;
draw p reflectedabout ((10,10),(10,-10)) withcolor red;
for i=1 upto 2:
   if odd i:
      draw p yshifted 20 withcolor green; 
      draw p xshifted 20 withcolor blue;



does not compile as I would expect (no green
line drawn). I noticed such behaviour in
2020.12.30 16:45
version. I updated a few minutes ago and have
the same output.

I hope I didn't miss anything.
Best regards,

Damien Thiriet 

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