[NTG-context] Problem with show command in MetaFun

Keith McKay mckaymeister at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 16:11:45 CET 2021

In the MWE below I would expect the "show" command to print the value of 
p in the console output (I use Texworks), however this does not seem to 
be happening. I haven't used "show" in MetaFun for a while, am I 
implementing it correctly?

Best Wishes

Keith McKay

%%%%%%%% MWE %%%%%%%%%

\setuppapersize[A4, portrait]




width := PaperWidth ; height := PaperHeight ; unit := cm ;

numeric p;

p := 0;

for q = 0 step 1 until 10:

show p;

p := p + 1;

fill fullcircle xyscaled(3cm,4cm) shifted ((p +2)*cm, (p + 2)*cm) 
withcolor red ;





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