[NTG-context] Continued chapter numbers

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 10:24:07 CET 2021

I need chapter numbers to continue sequentially across several parts. At 
the moment, when Part 2 begins, it begins with Chapter 1 once more, 
while it should be (in continued sequence) Chapter 4.

I know that I can achieve the desired result by including ownnumber=4, so:

\startchapter[title={My chapter title},ownnumber=4] will do that for me. 
But this means I have to do it for every chapter that follows (there are 
11 more!).

Perhaps there is a single way to get the result I want in the preamble 
with \setuphead[chapter] or similar. I have searched the wiki but it is 
not easy to find an answer to this. Can anyone point me to where, in the 
wiki, I can find a simple way to ensure sequential chapter numbers?


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