[NTG-context] lmtx upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 5 11:01:47 CET 2021


A new version has been uploaded. This one has:


for the brave to test.

As a reminder, as this has been around for a while now, if you really 
want to stress your test, run with (top of file):

   \overloadmode 4 % error
   \overloadmode 3 % warning

in order to see if you (re)define primitives, core functionality, 
instances and whatever can lead to conflicts. There are still some 
commands to be tagged (and for some the category might change) but it's 
a bit of a tedious job.

Btw, for metafun the warnings are enabled by default (for now), but 
users might have noticed that already.


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