[NTG-context] Part label and chapter numbers

Marco Patzer lists at homerow.info
Mon Jan 4 23:09:28 CET 2021

On Tue, 5 Jan 2021 08:32:33 +1100
jbf <roma83537 at gmail.com> wrote:

> and apologies if you didn't think I provided an MWE.

The idea is that people can just copy-paste the code into an editor
and keep tweaking. It doesn't have to produce the correct output,
but it should compile. If you add an MWE you're more likely to get a

> Of the three issues below, only the first is not resolved, meaning
> that part=Section\nobreakspace does not make any difference, or put
> another way, at least it stops things from throwing an error, but the
> result I get is not 'Section 1. My title' but simply '1. My  title'.

Here's what an MWE with the code I posted looks like:







  \startpart [title=Mypart]
    \startchapter [title=Some Chapter]
      \startsection [title=Some Section]

And the string “Section 1 Mypart” shows up there.

> Below is exactly what I have in my preamble. Note that I have also 
> included \setuphead [section] which is the true 'section' level below 
> 'chapter'. Is it possible that this causes some confusion? 
> Unfortunately, the author still wants 'Part' to be actually named as 
> 'Section'!
> \setuphead
>    [part]
>    [
>    placehead=yes,
>    page=no,
>    bodypartlabel=part
> ]

First, there a bunch of (U+00A0) NO-BREAK SPACEs in your code. I
don't know if that's added by your mail client or if that's actually
in your code. If it's also in the code: Context doesn't like it. The
NO-BREAK SPACEs have to go.

Second, you have a space (new line) after “bodypartlabel=part”. Add
a comma, percent sign or move the closing bracket after the word


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