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Mon Jan 4 03:22:55 CET 2021

This is a Mark IV issue rather than LMTX, and while it is almost 
certainly simple enough, I seem to have got myself confused and am not 
getting the results I need. essentially I am dealing with a book that is 
divided into parts and chapter, but the parts need to be called 
'Section' not 'Part', and the Chapter numbers need to be words and 
sequential throughout the book, not restarting at each part/section.

Issue 1:

Parts need to be called 'Section' (Section 1, section 2 etc.). I thought 
I could achieve this with:



but then I just get the number 1, 2, not Section 1, Section 2

Of  course, if I write bodypartlabel=part, then I do get Part 1, Part 2, 
etc. How do I achieve 'Section' rather than 'Part'?

Issue 2:

While the above 'sections' are numbered in arabic numbers, Chapters are 
meant to be in words. I thought I could do it with


but this throws an error. How do I achieve this? I want Chapter One, not 
Chapter 1.1

Issue 3 might already be solved once I resolve Issue 2!

But given that I have parts, the chapters at the moment come out as 
Chapter 1.1... Chapter 2.1 etc. and I simply want Chapter One, Chapter 
Two and so on, sequentially throughout the book. I thought I might be 
able to do it with something like


|But that doesn't work. Any thoughts? Julian |

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