[NTG-context] A not so short introduction to ConTeXt Mark IV

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Sun Jan 3 19:42:43 CET 2021

This is a great resource which I am at the moment enjoying to read but I
can't help wondering if there is a text aimed at those who already know
LaTeX and know the basics of TeX describing ConTeXt in terms of differences
(and similarities) between the two, and in particular the gotchas.

Better --help|less than helpless

Den sön 3 jan. 2021 10:48Joaquín Ataz López <jal at um.es> skrev:

> Hello to all:
> Two months ago I informed to the list that I had written an introduction
> in Spanish to ConTeXt Mark IV. This interested several people, and in
> order to increase their potential audience, a member of this list
> (native English speaker) has proceeded to translate my text into English.
> It is precisely the members of this list who need no introduction at
> all, but it can sometimes be useful to help someone get started with the
> fascinating typesetting system that is ConTeXt.
> As for the English translation, I have made some small changes to the
> Spanish version, so anyone who understands Spanish and prefers to read
> it in its original language can download the new version:
> Both versions are available at the following links
> - Spanish: https://webs.um.es/jal/docs/introCTX_esp.pdf
> - Engilish: https://webs.um.es/jal/docs/introCTX_eng.pdf
> Soon I will send both texts, with their source files, to the
> documentation section of the CTAN repository.
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> Joaquín Ataz López
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> Universidad de Murcia
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