[NTG-context] xrightarrow specific size issue

Johann Birnick johann.birnick at hotmail.de
Sat Jan 2 17:04:13 CET 2021

On Sat, 2021-01-02 at 14:30 +0000, Bruce Horrocks wrote:
> I'm not sure which manual you are looking in to find a reference to the
> ability to add a specific dimension.
> In the source I can only find named sizes of 'none', 'normal', 'small',
> 'medium' and 'big'. You can 'kludge' these by extending the length of the text
> using hard spaces. Alternatively there is \rightarrowfill which you might be
> able to put into a frame of the desired width?
> \starttext
> $1\xrightarrow[none]{blah} 1$
> \par
> $2\xrightarrow[normal]{blah} 2$
> \par
> $3\xrightarrow[small]{blah} 3$
> \par
> $4\xrightarrow[medium]{blah} 4$
> \par
> $5\xrightarrow{~~~~~~~blah~~~~~~~} 5$
> \par
> $6\xrightarrow[big]{blah} 6$
> \par
> $7\rightarrowfill 7$
> \par
> \stoptext
> --
> Bruce Horrocks
> Hampshire, UK

In particular the documentation
https://dl.contextgarden.net/myway/matharrows.pdf shows exactly the example


and the says the options are:

none small medium big normal DIMENSION

I'm sure I've seen the same options (i.e. including DIMENSION) in other
documentations aswell, but I can't find them now.

I assume this was removed with LMTX... is it possible to introduce it again?

My problem is not to make the arrow bigger, I actually want to make it smaller.
I have 2 long words above it, and so it's really long. I could use \clap{}, but
then the spacing is gone and my 2 words clash with the text left and right of
the arrow. So I want a small arrow with long text above it, but the spacing
should be oriented on the text.

Best, Johann

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