[NTG-context] prevent error page

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Fri Jan 1 07:57:10 CET 2021

On Thu, 31 Dec 2020, Johann Birnick wrote:

> Hi there,
> in my setup I constantly have a pdf viewer open showing the output of context.
> When I recompile the viewer updates.
> Now if there is an error, the document fails to compile, of course. Previously
> the pdf file just remainded untouched, nice. But now with LMTX, the pdf will be
> overwritten with a pdf just saying "error". This makes my pdf viewer crash!
> I can't work like this.
> So how to prevent this "error" page and just let context remain the pdf
> untouched if there is an error?

You can try:

    context --nodummy filename

which will not generate the "error" pdf. However, if the error was such that context had to abort the run, then no valid PDF will be generated. You cannot have the previous PDF untouched because context starts overwriting the PDF while processing. 

Another option is to use

    context --result=output.pdf filename

in which case context writes the result to output.pdf. If there is an error, then output.pdf is not overwritten. Depending on your pdf viewer, this might work better.


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