[NTG-context] Ducks in ConTeXt

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 13:17:53 CET 2020

Jairo A. del Rio schrieb am 24.12.2020 um 15:18:
> Hi everyone!
> I've recently ported TikZducks to ConTeXt and finally removed TIkZ 
> along the way. So a new module was created. The module is called 
> "metaducks" (lol) and it's essentially a \useMPgraphic{...} with a lot 
> of options, most of them ported from TikZducks. For those not familiar 
> with the package, it draws customized rubber ducks :) I want to 
> include some more, so I'll gladly read any feedback, recommendations 
> and suggestions. Eventually I want it to be a module on its own. The 
> module is already in the ConTeXt Group:
> https://modules.contextgarden.net/cgi-bin/module.cgi/action=details/id=105
> in case anyone wants to give it a try. Here's a minimal example:
> \usemodule[metaducks]
> \starttext
> \ducks[santa=true,mug=true]
> \stoptext
> I wish the best for you all. Happy holidays!

It's nice to see a new third party module for ConTeXt but you have to 
make a few changes.

1. You have to put the module and the documentation in the correct doc 
and tex folders.

2. You should give your manual a better name, e.g. metaducks-manual.tex

3. You can put your color definitions in the module, there is no need 
for a new color file, especially because most of the colors you use are 
already predefined.


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