[NTG-context] Text editor support via Digestif

Augusto Stoffel arstoffel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 10:25:20 CET 2020

Hi all,

I have worked a bit on ConTeXt support in the Digestif language server
[1], and I think it's pretty usable by this point, so I would like to
invite everyone to check it out. Feedback is welcome.

Digestif plugs into any editor that support the Language Server
Protocol, and provides the usual IDE features: completion (of
commands, keyword arguments, references, citations), go to definition,
find references, document outline, etc. Among the fancier features is
fuzzy-matching, so you can, say, find a citation by typing parts of the
title or author names (and get away with using meaningless BibTeX

The newest (git) version reads the ConTeXt interface files at runtime,
so it should be pretty accurate, and also work with third-party
packages. It would be cool to also have some integrated
documentation, but it looks like ConTeXt (or TeX in general) doesn't
have anything of help in this direction currently, right?

Another nice thing is that Digestif is a Lua program, and can run on
the LuaTeX interpreter with no extra dependencies. On the other hand, I
didn't get the change to test it on Windows or editors other than
Emacs, although both things should work with minimal adjustments. Let
me know if you have any issues.



[1]: https://github.com/astoff/digestif

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