[NTG-context] Protruding quotation marks obviate narrowed quotations

Michael Guravage guravage at literatesolutions.com
Wed Dec 30 21:13:09 CET 2020

Several months ago I posed the following question.

When I start a paragraph with a \quote or a \quotation the left quotemark
does not protrude, but when I use Unicode quotes it does. I would prefer to
use the commands. Any suggestions on how I can achieve proper left
protrusion without resorting to Unicode characters?

Wolfgang suggested the following lines of code; which worked perfically.

\setupquotation [method=font]
\setupquote     [method=font]

Returning to this project after several months I observe that when I use a
\start- stopquotation environment, the quotation is not narrowed. The
\setupquotation command obviously affects both the \quotation command and
\start- stopquotation environment.

Is there an elegant way to apply the \setupquotation command and retain the
quotation indentation?


Here's a mwe.


% Setup hanging punctuation, less severe style

% Provide protrusion for quotations.
\setupquotation[method=font] % Toggle this line to see the effect.

    \quotation[method=font]{Love makes the world go round,} as an old
proverb has it\ldots
    \input tufte
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