[NTG-context] Best practices for multi-part book

Denis Maier denismaier at mailbox.org
Tue Dec 29 15:21:32 CET 2020


I need to typeset a book that, due to space constraints, is going to be 
published in two volumes. Both volumes together will contain about 1500 
pages, both volumes should be continuously paginated, i.e. if volume 1 
ends at page 700 volume 2 will start at 801 (After the frontmatter 
maybe.) Both volumes will have the same frontmatter, maybe a different 
subtitle. Oh, and of course, both volumes shall have a complete table of 

How would you approach such a task. I'm inclined to just treat the the 
whole thing as a single book, and split the the PDF at some point. Or, 
are there better ways that I could consider?


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