[NTG-context] Math align not working

Johann Birnick johann.birnick at hotmail.de
Tue Dec 29 14:36:54 CET 2020

Hi there,

I noticed that Math align is not working properly. In particular I mean the
alignment. For example, the following code


\startformula \startalign[m=2,distance=8em,n=5,
\NC 0 \NC < \NC 2x + 5y \NC < \NC 10
\NC 4 \NC < \NC 3x + y \NC < \NC 9 \NR
\NC 3 \NC < \NC 2y + 3z \NC < \NC 15
\NC 10\NC < \NC 8y + 5z \NC < \NC 20 \NR
\stopalign \stopformula


is copied from https://dl.contextgarden.net/myway/mathalign.pdf but doesn't
produce the intended result.

What's wrong?

Best regards,

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