[NTG-context] efficiently scaling fonts

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 24 12:20:10 CET 2020


I uploaded a new lmtx ... in a previous mail i mentioned font scaling 
and I made that two dimensional:


\setuplayout[topspace=1cm,header=1cm] \setuplayout[middle]







\dostepwiserecurse {10} {2020} {10} {
     \title{Here we go #1!}
     \def\TEST{y = \sqrt{x^2 + 1}^3}%
     \ruledhbox{\glyphxscale #1                 \glyphyscale #1 
     \ruledhbox{\glyphxscale #1                 \glyphyscale 
\numexpr#1*3\relax $\left{\TEST\right}$}
     \ruledhbox{\glyphxscale \numexpr#1/2\relax \glyphyscale 
\numexpr#1*2\relax $\left{\TEST\right}$}


Best use the high level interface:


test {\MyLargerFontB test {\em test} test} test

etc. Math works too but I need to check soem details which I will do 
later. There are some conceptual decisions to be made there because 
we're nto so much talking of a font but of a 'setup of fonts and 
measures'. (Boldened math can be improved a bit, in general, unrelated 
to this feature.)


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