[NTG-context] Off-topic: Struggles with LPEG grammar

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Dec 21 15:18:56 CET 2020


Also good reading are the first sections in Roberto’s paper:


> In reality it just means that I was trying to add a new rule to solve
> the second part of the puzzle (hidden on the website until you solve
> the first part), which read something like
>    6: 3 | 3 6
> which would in theory be translated into something like
>    r6 = lpeg.V"r3" + lpeg.V"r3" * lpeg.V"r6",
> if PEGs worked the way I imagined they worked, that is. Apparently they don't :)

Try this, blind guess: 

	r6 = lpeg.V"r3" * lpeg.V”r6” + lpeg.V"r3",

Best wishes,

Taco Hoekwater
Elvenkind BV

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