[NTG-context] lmtx-20201218 | \usetypescriptfile | typescripts > unknown library

Richard Mahoney rmahoney at indica-et-buddhica.org
Sun Dec 20 03:42:16 CET 2020

In the recent versions of LMTX I've been having trouble with finding
my own typescriptfile -- type-sourceserifpro.tex (attached)

This file lives in the working directory of all of the other project
and is also here:


This file is found and executes correctly with:


but fails with:


fonts           > typescripts > unknown library 'sourceserifpro'

(Latin Modern is substituted for Adobe's Source Serif Pro.)

My setups haven't changed and are:



following what's found here:


Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Best, Richard

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Indica et Buddhica  Littledene  Bay Road  Oxford  NZ
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