[NTG-context] Indic fonts with MkIV and

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Dec 19 20:06:43 CET 2020

On 12/19/20 2:59 PM, Robert Zydenbos wrote:
> On 19.12.20 09:10, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> YES YES YES YES YES YES (I'm trying to express enthusiasm.) That's it!
> The remaining question here is: where do I find such magical
> expressions like "features=kannada-one"? (Why "kannada-one"?
> "One"???) If I know that, then (so I assume) I could do the very same
> with the other Indian scripts which I use in my work.
Hi Robert,

this is from font-pre.mkxl (and I assume font-pre.mkiv [I mean, the same
file for MkIV and LMTX).

The features for Indic scripts seem to be (sorry, I’m totally ignorant
outside the Latin or Greek scripts): devanagari-one, bengali-one,
gujarati-one, gurmukhi-one, kannada-one, malayalam-one, oriya-one,
tamil-one, telugu-one.

There are one versions, because they are also two counterparts
(devanagari-two, bengali-two, gujarati-two, gurmukhi-two, kannada-two,
malayalam-two, oriya-two, tamil-two, telugu-two).

What the OpenType specification includes as script tags
contains second versions for what might be some (or all [I’m afraid I
don’t know]) Indic scripts.

Why are second versions? Using their own words:

“The OpenType script tags can also correlate with a particular OpenType
Layout implementation, with the result that more than one script tag may
be registered for a given Unicode script (e.g. 'deva' and 'dev2').”

I hope the description above might help,


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