[NTG-context] LMTX MetaFun SVG trouble, a portion of the SVG is cut of in the PDF

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu Dec 17 18:45:58 CET 2020

On 12/17/20 5:08 PM, Neven Sajko wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Dec 2020 at 15:27, Aditya Mahajan <adityam at umich.edu> wrote:
> [...]
>> Can you check with a desktop pdf viewer as well.
> It looks the same with MuPDF.

Hi Neven,

it seems to be an issue with the conversion of the SVG file.

> This is a combined TeX file containing two different ways I took to
> try to accomplish the same thing:

How about a much simpler approach?


      [width=\textwidth, offset=20pt]}

In that case, if you use \externalfigure, ConTeXt will invoke Inkscape
to convert the file. The output is way better.

Just in case it may help,


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