[NTG-context] LMTX MetaFun SVG trouble, a portion of the SVG is cut of in the PDF

Neven Sajko nsajko at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 17:08:56 CET 2020

On Thu, 17 Dec 2020 at 15:27, Aditya Mahajan <adityam at umich.edu> wrote:
> OT but can Gadfly directly produce PDFs? [...]

Yes it can. Going to try that route if this doesn't work out.

> [..] Depending on how complicated plots you want to generate, you can also use metapost graph module or pdfplots package for drawing 2D plots.

OT, but that wouldn't work for me easily, because I don't actually
know what function I'm plotting - it's a probability density function
estimation (which is similar to a histogram, but continuous), where I
only provide the data points and Gadfly takes care of everything else.

> Can you check with a desktop pdf viewer as well.

It looks the same with MuPDF.

> The mailing list has a size limit for attachments, so I think that your zip file did not get included in your message. Could you just include the tex file and maybe upload the svg somewhere and include a link.

This is a combined TeX file containing two different ways I took to
try to accomplish the same thing:


{some offset}

                        draw lmt_svg [
                                filename =
                        setbounds currentpicture to
                          boundingbox currentpicture
                          enlarged 20pt;

The SVG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_JsIfA9cgEs5_x7FFJrUWPPe3Ht8JnIm/view?usp=sharing

To be specific, what gets cut off is the bottom half of each number on
the x-axis and the entire x-axis label.


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