[NTG-context] Spacing in s-pre-50 (or better alternatives)

Jairo A. del Rio jairoadelrio6 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 21:51:16 CET 2020

Hi everyone.

I've tried using s-pre-50 for a series of "Beamer-like" presentations. An

\starttitle[title=Random speak party] \FlushStep
\input jojomayer \FlushStep
Cows and lovebirds are nice. \FlushStep
Food smells weird after COVID-19. \FlushStep
\CONTEXT\ rocks.\FlushStep

How should I adjust spacing between steps? With \startitemize ...
\stopitemize, spacing options such as "packed" seem to be ignored. Although
I love JavaScript animations, I need a PDF > PNG (> WEBM/MP4) flow and
s-pre-50 is the only environment which fits my current needs. Any
suggestions or alternatives? Thank you in advance.


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