[NTG-context] Issue with grid

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Nov 22 18:54:22 CET 2020

On 11/22/20 5:03 PM, Joseph wrote:
> Dear list,
> In some cases with latest LMTX I see text not aligned to grid. MWE
> reproduces the problem (could not reproduce with default font).

Hi Joseph,

I think this is related to the fact that your paragraphs are hard to
break between pages, since they only contain two lines.

I think this paragraph break among pages is what triggers the issue you

> Typesetting MWE using online ConTeXt page shows correctly aligned text
> on grid.

https://live.contextgarden.net/ includes both LuaTeX 2.06 20200630 +
ConTeXt MkIV 2020.06.30 17:30.

> If number of itérations is changed from 8 to 7) problem does not appear,
> seems to be linked to the fact page is fully filled with lines.

Because the text fits in a single page.

> If one of the \blank lines is commented out problem does not occur either.

Because you avoid the problem of breaking the paragraph between pages.

You can also avoid that using the following (but it will work only with
your MWE, I know):




I think that the problem might be related to the (unsuccesful) avoidance
of orphans and widows in current latest.

But of course, Hans or Wolfgang know better.

Just in case it might help,


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