[NTG-context] \infull not working

Nigel King nigel at nigelking.me.uk
Wed Nov 18 16:12:45 CET 2020

Thanks Hans for your very prompt reply.

I placed
at the beginning of the file

The example now compiles.

However the command \infull{Ch} now results in CH in small capitals.

Is there something I have misunderstood?



On 18 Nov 2020, at 14:19, Hans Hagen <j.hagen at xs4all.nl> wrote:

On 11/18/2020 1:35 PM, Nigel King wrote:
> Dear Group,
> Thanks for your excellent work.
> I have just got a new computer and installed Context as I normally do. Unfortunately there appears to be a bug, unless I have done something wrong. \infull appears not to be working. I have used the following test file which is from the wiki but split the line with \infull{Ch} in two to be certain.
> \definesynonyms[test][tests][\infull]
> \setupsynonyms[test][criterium=all]
>  \test{ITU}{International Telecommunication Union}
>  \test{MID}{Maritime Identification Digit}
>  \test{Ch}{Switzerland}
> \starttext
> The \ITU\ is an
> organisation in \infull{Ch}
> \subject{Short is nice}
>  \placelistoftests
> \stoptext
> The log message has this in it.
> tex error       > tex error on line 12 in file /Users/nki001/OneDrive/MyDocuments/Context/NGAForIreland/test.tex: Undefined control sequence

fixed in next upload ... but ... on my machine, where I run with

 \overloadmode\plusfour % error, \plusthree is warning only

i then will get:

csname overload > fatal error, protection level 4, control sequence 'infull', properties 'frozen instance protected', file './oeps.tex', line 4

because \infull is already used by the predefine abbreviations instance

no problem if you don't use that feature


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