[NTG-context] page ends with a section title followed by a table

Sylvain Hubert champignoom at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 09:55:10 CET 2020

Dear List,

In the following example, the section title appears at the very end of the
first page.


    \dorecurse{94}{a b c }\\
    \dorecurse{94}{a b c }\\
    \dorecurse{94}{a b c }\\
    \dorecurse{94}{a b c }\\
    \dorecurse{94}{a b c }\\
    \dorecurse{30}{a b c }

    \startxcell[ny=10]a\stopxcell\startxcell 1\stopxcell
    \dorecurse{9}{\startxrow\startxcell 2\stopxcell\stopxrow}

Does anyone know where to adjust the penalty in this case, so that the
section title can be repositioned to the next page?


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