[NTG-context] weird behavior of font.feature.effect

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Nov 8 11:19:04 CET 2020

On 11/8/20 12:57 AM, Sylvain Hubert wrote:
> Dear List,
> I'm confused by the result of the following example (see attached):
>     \definefontfamily[face1][rm][gabriola][it={features:{default}}]

Hi Sylvain,

this is the same as:


Just in case, "slanted" is an already defined feature. It slants the font.

>     \definefontfamily[face2][rm][gabriola][it={features:{default,
> effect={}}}]
>     \definefontfamily[face3][rm][gabriola][it={features:{default,
> effect={width=1.0}}}]

BTW, the documentation is clear
font features should be defined as such before being deployed.

> Could someone explain:

I will try from what I understand.

> 1. What does "effect" mean?

A ConTeXt (and not OpenType) font feature?

> Why does "effect={}" embolden the fonts even though nothing ({}) is
> given as arguments?
"effect={}" may be reading default values (it might be intended behavior
or not).

But it also could be reading or calculating from previously defined values.

> 2. Similarly, what does "width" do? Why does "width=1.0" shrink the
> width of the line instead of doing nothing?

This might be a bug, because of all the code improvements.

I’m reporting a proper bug.


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