[NTG-context] \section with userdata

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 23:47:10 CET 2020

Sylvain Hubert schrieb am 07.11.2020 um 22:42:
> The motivation of using \section was to avoid \stopsection, but I just 
> found out that \stopsection is not really necessary.
> Now I would like to ask whether there is any difference between 
> \section{Title} and \startsection[title=Title].

You get extra hooks with \startsection.

\startsetups [beforesection]
     \framed[width=max,foregroundstyle=\tttf]{begin of section}

\startsetups [insidesection]
     \framed[width=max,foregroundstyle=\tttf]{middle of section}

\startsetups [aftersection]
     \framed[width=max,foregroundstyle=\tttf]{end of section}








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