[NTG-context] Works in ConTeXt, fails in LMTX

ntg at scorecrow.com ntg at scorecrow.com
Sat Nov 7 22:47:19 CET 2020

On 7 Nov 2020, at 13:43, Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es> wrote:
> On 11/7/20 1:09 PM, ntg at scorecrow.com wrote:
>> Some more details on the font inclusion problem I posted about the other day.
> Hi Bruce,
> I think that current LMTX has issues with Bondi12CPlus.TTF.
> Hans, could you have a look at it? I reproduce can the same issue.

Thank-you Pablo for taking the trouble to reproduce the issue and thank-you Hans for the suggestion: renaming the font from .TTF to .ttf has fixed the problem.

The other font I had trouble with also had an uppercase file extension so that is also fixed now.

Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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