[NTG-context] new upload

Floris van Manen vm at klankschap.nl
Sat Nov 7 12:47:10 CET 2020

On 07/11/2020 12:19, Hans Hagen wrote:
> a version mismatch normally comes from the fact that i generate an lmtx 
> update (for wolfgang to check, posted elsewhere) but nor a mkiv one and 
> then upload to the website (as happened)
> also, the update script itself doesn't get updated so when that gets 
> adapted one has to get it from the bare install
> (keep in mind that doing a fresh install doesn't hurt the system because 
> texmf-projects and texmf-fonts are not affected)

The version check is just to prevent the extra data from being 
downloaded and installed when there was no need for it, because the 
current installed version is the same. (it saves the coal to be burned 
for the electricity)

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