[NTG-context] Running mtxrun in a continuous batch mode

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 4 12:24:51 CET 2020

On 11/4/2020 4:48 AM, Ramkumar KB wrote:
> Hans,
> Thank you so much for the kind response.
> Apologies that I was not very clear in my initial query. I have -
>  1. MyStatement.tex, with all the necessary fonts, static text, images,
>     header, footer etc
>  2. MyStatement.tex reads from a JSON file for certain sections of the
>     document for the dynamic content
>  3. context MyStatement.tex produces MyStatement.pdf 
> How do I do the above steps 1 to 3 in a continuous fashion such that -
>   * Output is MyStatement_1.pdf (reads from data_1.json),
>     MyStatement_2.pdf (reads from data_2.json) and so on
>   * The tex processing is fast as fonts etc are loaded once (as the Tex
>     template is same for all the MyStatement_n.pdf)
>  From the sample code that you gave, I get a hint that this can be 
> possibly done using ConTeXt Lua Document approach. Is this correct?
i'd just write a script that calls context like

context mystatement.tex --myjsonsection=1 --batch
context mystatement.tex --myjsonsection=2 --batch
context mystatement.tex --myjsonsection=3 --batch

etc .. maybe --once if no multipass is needed, or --runs=2 if you know 
how many runs are needed

to stay in a run and kind of restart is asking for troubles because what 
should be reset? of course i could context make do that buit it doesn't 
pay off

an alternative that you generate one document with all statements and 
use mutool to split of the pages

but anyway, nowadays machines are fast enough to have separate runs (and 
one can run them in parallel)


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