[NTG-context] Adding built-in support for Serbian language

Ivan Pešić ivan.pesic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 20:18:41 CET 2020

Dear Mojca,

Дана 30.10.2020. у 19:10, Mojca Miklavec пише:
> Would you be willing to also prepare the latin one then?
> The codes should be sorted out by Hans (potentially with some help),
> but we definitely want to use "sr-latn" and "sr-cyrl".
Sure, I will tomorrow create a transliteration to latin script and post
diffs here.
What you propose is in fact already used in some other places, I agree
with you.
> For the longer names there is some more freedom. LaTeX uses "serbianl"
> and "serbianc", I think, but I believe we can come up with something
> nicer.
> Maybe something along the lines of the following?
>     \mainlanguage[serbian][script=latn]
> or
>    \mainlanguage[serbian-latin]
>    \mainlanguage[serbian-cyrillic]
> No clue, really.
> Thank you,
>     Mojca
> (PS: I would say that adding support for transliteration of the text
> from one script to the other would be a really nice feature. Then you
> could type your text for a book once and have it typeset in both
> versions without any extra effort :)
As for transliteration, cyrillic to latin is one-to-one, straightforward
with no exceptions.
A simple table lookup is enough.
Going from latin to cyrillic, there are some exceptions, but we could
solve that.
I can provide Hans with all that is needed.


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