[NTG-context] Adding built-in support for Serbian language

Ivan Pešić ivan.pesic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 11:31:50 CET 2020

Hello all,
I have recently started using ConTeXt. I've found that the distribution
includes a proper (cyrillic) hyphenation file for Serbian language,
but a complete language support is still not implemented. Therefore,
I've added what I think is required, did some testing by putting changed
files in my texmf-local, and the result looks fine.
There is only one thing that requires a decision from the development team.
Serbian language uses two scripts: cyrillic and latin. Context language
codes are using 2 letters for identification. So I'm not sure how to
include both scripts.
What I'm sending now is a cyrillic script implementation, using the code

It is trivial to generate (completely automatic) latin script version of
these changes, once it is decided how to label it.

Best regards,

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