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Thu Oct 22 11:48:23 CEST 2020

Hi Jano,

Seems to me that there are a few options and you might need more than 
one of them, depending on the font/typefaces you are using (which 
obviously influences things):

1. One factor will be whether you are using \definefontfeature 
[default][default]  [expansion=quality,protrusion=quality], which you 
obviously then need to call in with \setupalign. 

2. Another factor will be \setupspacing 

3. A third factor might be the need to tweak things a bit once you take 
a look at what is produced, and where you might need to use a couple of 
other options, be it \, \nospace, \thinspace....

For example, I have found that for a particular project I am working on 
at the moment, my best setup does not include protrusion, but I use

[hz,nothyphenated,verytolerant,stretched], and


This latter especially because I want to avoid some rather ugly spaces 
after a period. Then once I see how things look, I apply 
{\kerncharacters[-0.025] my text} in particular instances where things 
need to be tidied up. I have found that -0.025 works well in my situation.

Not at all sure if all the above is what the purists would do, but from 
a practical point of view it works for me. Hope it helps.


On 21/10/20 1:12 am, Jano Kula wrote:

> Hello,
> trying to reproduce the hand-printed original as close as possible I'm 
> using \setupcharacterkerning. I can match character kerning, but 
> inter-word spaces are different. What is the right option, command or 
> feature to change it for current font and/or in the font definition? I 
> haven't found any.
> % macros=mkiv
> \setupcharacterkerning[large][factor=0.1]
> \setcharacterkerning[large]
> \starttext
> \input knuth
> \stoptext
> Thank you,
> Jano
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