[NTG-context] Index formatting difference LMTX and MkIV redux

Rik Kabel rik at panix.com
Thu Oct 22 03:42:29 CEST 2020

Hello list,

About two months ago (2020-08-26) I described a difference between LMTX 
and MkIV in the setting of index registers entries, and more 
particularly, in the trimming of text to fit the available width 
therein. I have now created a smallish example to demonstrate the problem.

I do notice that the problem is very sensitive to the width settings, 
and slight variations in width create different results with both engines.

This ConTeXt input:

    \definepapersize [pinched crown quarto]
    \setuppapersize  [pinched crown quarto]
    \setuplayout     [width=fit,
                       backspace=1.4in,        cutspace=1in,
                       leftmargin=0.65in,      rightmargin=0.65in]

    \setupregister   [index]
                      [n=2, balance=no, maxwidth=4cm]


    \startchapter[title={Index Test}]

    \index{Anonymous+Felix quem faciunt aliena pericula cautum}
    \index{{Diderot, Denis}+Et des boyaux du dernier prêtre, Serrons le
    cou du dernier roi}
    \index{{Dunne, Finley Peter}+Thrust ivrybody, but cut th’ ca-ards}
    \index{Eisenhower+Dwight D.+influence … by the military-industrial
    \index{Eisenhower+Dwight D.+plundering, for our own ease and
    convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow}



produces, with MkIV:

and with LMTX:

The example code shows one other instance as well, in the fourth indexed 

Beside looking uglier, this results in a couple more pages for the same 
number of index entries.

As I noted in my first description of the problem, this may not be 
unique to register processing, and perhaps it is an issue with 
limitatetext or doboundtext, or something else entirely.


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