[NTG-context] Introduction to ConTeXt Wiki pages

type at projectivespace.com type at projectivespace.com
Thu Oct 22 01:09:44 CEST 2020

Hi all,

Just wanted to put the word out that I have posted two new pages to the
Wiki, both aimed at new users of ConTeXt:


The first is an introduction to the general principles of writing documents
in ConTeXt, and the second is just a list of commands that beginning users
might be likely to want to use to customize their documents. I expect that I
will be continuing to update the second page in particular, as I find other
such commands or am able to provide further information or links.

I am myself a relatively new user of ConTeXt (I started using it this
summer, having used LaTeX for many years), so there is a whole lot that I
don't know about it. I have tried to test out everything on these pages, so
while the information there may not be complete, it should at least be

I don't claim to be any kind of authority on ConTeXt. I'm enjoying learning
it (including the many things that I have learned from this mailing list!),
and since I have seen in many places (including at the bottom of each
mailing list email) encouragement to contribute to the Wiki, I have begun
doing so. I am continuing to try to learn about ConTeXt, and I have decided
that as I learn things and/or find things on the Wiki that could use
supplementing, I'll try to add what I can. The Introduction to ConTeXt that
I have posted reflects the understanding of ConTeXt that I have gained over
these recent months of using it, however good or bad that understanding may

I welcome all manner of feedback on these pages (and of course feel free to
edit or contribute to them, as appropriate). Right now neither page is
linked to from anywhere else in the Wiki, so users wouldn't find them except
possibly by accident while searching for something else. If people think
that these pages would be useful, then I'd be happy to let the Wiki
administrators decide where best to put them.



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