[NTG-context] A Spanish introduction to ConTeXt Mark IV

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Thu Oct 15 10:26:09 CEST 2020

Den ons 14 okt. 2020 06:14Joaquín Ataz López <jal at um.es> skrev:

> Good morning to everyone.
> Although I guess it will not be of interest to most of the list members,
> I wanted to communicate that I have written an introduction to ConTeXt
> Mark IV in Spanish, which can be downloaded at
> https://webs.um.es/jal/docs/introCTX.pdf. Its title is "An Introduction
> (not too short) to ConTeXt Mark IV".

Although I make my way through Spanish text with the help of half-forgotten
"high school" Latin and Italian from 35 years ago plus Wiktionary this is
the book I have been needing! Thank you very much!

This could really become the "lshort" of ConTeXt. The "lshort" was
originally written in German but has been translated into multiple
languages through community effort: <
https://ctan.org/tex-archive/info/lshort>. I'm thinking that in this age of
distributed version control it would be feasible to have multiple people
working on each version.
Since I periodically work as a documentation translator I'm immediately
seized by a desire to translate it into English, and why not also Swedish,
my native language? I would need to improve my Spanish considerably though,
and probably also to invent the 28-hour day! So I'm thinking why not create
a GitHub/GitLab repository (or even organization) for this so that anybody
can help translating it into other languages? Those who know Spanish well
could do the initial translation and then those who know English (or any
other language into which some part(s) have been translated) can do the
proof reading (which is where I really can show my muscle since
proofing/editing is what I mostly do for a living! :-) Then when there
exist more versions anyone can make secondary translations between pairs of
languages which they know.


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