[NTG-context] A Spanish introduction to ConTeXt Mark IV

Joaquín Ataz López jal at um.es
Thu Oct 15 05:43:23 CEST 2020

El 14/10/20 a las 12:47, Niels Meijer escribió:
> Hello Joaquín,
> I have been looking to get into ConTeXt for a few months now, LaTeX 
> drove me
> completely insane when writing my Master’s thesis. I have been looking 
> for an
> up-to-date introduction to ConTeXt as a whole, as I am still unable to get
> basic things working in ConTeXt after reading the ‘Excursion’. (I really
> tried to the best of my ability!)
I also believe that maintaining up-to-date documentation is important. 
Although in a system as dynamic as ConTeXt I think it is very difficult 
to achieve this; and it is probably more up to us users than to the 
developers. That's why my initiative
> I just wanted to voice my support this book, as I feel that such a
> newbie-friendly resource would fill a gaping hole in the current ConTeXt
> ecosystem. I am considering having a stab at learning Spanish in order to
> (attempt to) read your book.
Thank you very much, it is very kind of you.
> Thanks for sharing,
> Niels E. J. Meijer
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Joaquín Ataz López
Derecho Civil
Universidad de Murcia

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