[NTG-context] A Spanish introduction to ConTeXt Mark IV

Joaquín Ataz López jal at um.es
Thu Oct 15 05:37:23 CEST 2020

Thank you very much. This is an offer that I accept, although, if it's 
not a bother, from next month, because the next two weeks I will be 
tremendously busy with my university work, which has nothing to do with 
typography or text composition.

El 14/10/20 a las 7:27, Jairo A. del Rio escribió:
> Hi, Joaquín.
> I've just found your introduction yesterday and I have to say it is a 
> pleasure to read it. I can help you with some areas you haven't 
> discussed too much, e.g. Lua interfaces and Metapost (well, I'm not as 
> skilled as Aditya or Hans in the latter), as I use it often. I'll send 
> you a message later so we can communicate in Spanish :)
> Thank you a lot for you effort. I hope more Spanish users put a bit of 
> their expertise on your manual and further documentation for such a 
> great software as ConTeXt.
> Muchas gracias y saludos cordiales,
> Jairo :D
> El mar., 13 de oct. de 2020 11:27 p. m., Joaquín Ataz López <jal at um.es 
> <mailto:jal at um.es>> escribió:
>     Sorry. By mistake I sent the message as a reply to another one,
>     when in
>     fact I was trying to start a new thread with it. I'm sending it
>     again (I
>     think I'll do it right now):
>     ---------------------------------------------
>     Good morning to everyone.
>     Although I guess it will not be of interest to most of the list
>     members,
>     I wanted to communicate that I have written an introduction to
>     ConTeXt
>     Mark IV in Spanish, which can be downloaded at
>     https://webs.um.es/jal/docs/introCTX.pdf. Its title is "An
>     Introduction
>     (not too short) to ConTeXt Mark IV".
>     ConTeXt is a wonderful document composition system, but there is not
>     much literature to help you get into it, hence my initiative. The
>     problem is that I've only been using ConTeXt for a short time and
>     still
>     have many doubts, so it's possible that the introduction may contain
>     errors. As it has been written in Spanish I don't think many of
>     you will
>     be able to read it, but I would appreciate, of course, any
>     suggestions
>     for improvement. The document is, on the other hand, free and
>     anyone who
>     wants to include it in any ConTeXt distribution can, of course, do
>     so.
>     Also, if anyone wants the source files, I have no problem
>     providing them.
>     I have not based my introduction on LMTX because I think that for
>     beginners a more stable system, like LuaTeX, is preferable.
>     Finally, I apologize for my bad English level. I read it reasonably
>     well, but expressing myself in it is much harder for me.
>     -- 
>     Joaquín Ataz López
>     Derecho Civil
>     Universidad de Murcia
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Joaquín Ataz López
Derecho Civil
Universidad de Murcia

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