[NTG-context] A Spanish introduction to ConTeXt Mark IV

Joaquín Ataz López jal at um.es
Wed Oct 14 05:51:58 CEST 2020

Good morning to everyone.

Although I guess it will not be of interest to most of the list members, 
I wanted to communicate that I have written an introduction to ConTeXt 
Mark IV in Spanish, which can be downloaded at 
https://webs.um.es/jal/docs/introCTX.pdf. Its title is "An Introduction 
(not too short) to ConTeXt Mark IV".

ConTeXt is a wonderful document composition system, but there is not 
much literature to help you get into it, hence my initiative. The 
problem is that I've only been using ConTeXt for a short time and still 
have many doubts, so it's possible that the introduction may contain 
errors. As it has been written in Spanish I don't think many of you will 
be able to read it, but I would appreciate, of course, any suggestions 
for improvement. The document is, on the other hand, free and anyone who 
wants to include it in any ConTeXt distribution can, of course, do so. 
Also, if anyone wants the source files, I have no problem providing them.

I have not based my introduction on LMTX because I think that for 
beginners a more stable system, like LuaTeX, is preferable.

Finally, I apologize for my bad English level. I read it reasonably 
well, but expressing myself in it is much harder for me.

Joaquín Ataz López
Derecho Civil
Universidad de Murcia

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