[NTG-context] figure library

Jörg Hagmann joerg.hagmann at unibas.ch
Mon Oct 12 23:25:33 CEST 2020

I have used figure libraries in the mkII past. But my recent attempts with
mkIV, following the instructions on ConTeXt Wiki
(https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Image_Database), have failed. The following

1. When running the command "context --input=figure-lib.xml
   auto:x-res-01.mkiv --result=figure-lib" in an EMPTY directory, 2 pages
   with buttons and titles are created.
2. When providing an image and an xml file (copied from the website above
   and including the image name and the missing ">" at the end), these are
   ignored -- the same 2 empty pages are created.

Could somebody tell me what's wrong (with me, most likely)?

Details: mkiV and LMTX, MacOS and FreeBSD, recent ConTeXt installations.

The xml file on ConTeXt Wiki:

<rl:library language="en">

       <rl:project>ConTeXt Wiki</rl:project>
       <rl:product>product pictures</rl:product>
       <rl:comment>pictures for ConTeXt Wiki</rl:comment>


Thanks, Jörg Hagmann

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