[NTG-context] Local custom notes affect regular footnotes

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Fri Oct 9 09:46:07 CEST 2020

If I use local notes, regular footnotes disappear in the following example:




Test\testnote{Custom note}

Other text inbetween with normal footnotes.\footnote{Footnote}

Test\testnote{Another custom note}

Other text afterwards with normal footnotes.\footnote{Other Footnote}

:::\placelocalnotes[testnote] :::

---\placelocalnotes[footnote] --- % just to be sure, no output
%\stoplocalnotes % a NOP?


(LMTX or MkIV 2020.09.20 23:02)

The use case is a commented edition of historical letters. Footnotes of letter contents should be local and numbered per letter, while general footnotes should behave as usual and are numbered by text.
(This setup works otherwise, no need to explain.)
Actually, the “normal text” part appears only after a letter, but before \placelocalnotes.

The logical structure would be:


\input lorem\testnote{bla bla}

\input lorem\testnote{bla bla}

\stoplocalnotes % forgets local notes

\input knuth\footnote{Donald dixit}

\placelocalnotes[testnote] % nothing

In the MWE, the footnotes just disappear. In the actual project the problem is different, but I couldn’t reproduce it in a MWE. I guess the interference of different note types is the cause of both problems.

I tried using the same custom note for the last comment as a workaround, but it gets placed twice: once at the bottom of the current page (i.e. like a normal footnote, out of order) and once after the other custom notes.
(The letter is in a delimitedtext environment.)


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